21st Century Séance Presents...

Séance Fiction

21st Century Séance Presents

Séance Fiction.... An Evening of "Spiritless Spiritualism"...

Have you ever attended a séance, or been curious what it would be like to experience one? Have you ever been in the presence of a ghost or spirit? Are you intrigued by what resides in the after-life or want to witness paranormal phenomena first hand?

Séance Fiction is a three part production that opens with a re-enactment of an authentic 19th-century séance, lead by Santiago (playing the part of Spiritualist medium Daemon Karlo "DK" Eidolon). It's a visceral experience that takes place in a dark setting. Immediately thereafter, you will be debriefed with a Q&A session by your Mistress of Ceremonies, Lucia. She will be on hand to answer your questions, and provide more context behind what you just experienced. Finally, you will be provided a presentation that gives you a historical overview of Séance and Spiritualism in America.

The purpose of Séance Fiction is entertainment and education. The show is not affiliated in any way with any religious organization and does not advocate for any one way of believing (or not believing). What we will do is try our very best to convince you that there are ghosts in the room... and then explain afterward, in a non-direct way, how we were able to achieve this effect. But don't worry. This is not like a haunted house where there are any "jump-scares" or "Boo!" moments; however, this show is not for the faint of heart. If you truly are scared of the dark, then we suggest perhaps spending your evening reading a book or taking a nice walk. But if you want to be challenged to your core, and want to experience something pretty spooky (but entertaining).... then join us!

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Seance Fiction is theatrical production that re-creates an authentic 19th century seance, with a modern twist. You will be greeted at the door and invited to take your seat until everyone arrives. The first portion of the show will run approx 50 minutes (the séance). Afterward, your mistress of ceremonies will guide you through a facilitated Q&A session, followed by a educational component explaining the roots of séance and mediumship in America. Since this is an admission-free show, you will be asked for your opinion at the end. We will be shaping the future of the show based on your insight and opinions!


No. We make no claims to using any supernatural means for "producing ghosts". This is a theatrical production. Nothing more. 


From beginning to end you can expect the show to run a total of two hours. This will include the time we ask you to stay afterward to ask your opinion about the show. 


We would prefer you spread the word of Séance Fiction after it's premiere (when we start charging for the show); however, you can bring one guest at no charge with you to this private launch premiere. Due to limited capacity, there is a limit of one complimentary show attendance during the launch.


Not for these first 3 shows. Santiago has reserved these shows for a small select few for his launch. The "price of admission" will be some extra time at the end of the show to share your insight and thoughts.


This show is a fun and ethical way to teach about an industry with a peculiar and long-rooted history. It teaches while it entertains. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, Séance Fiction was designed to be a thought a provoking production and will challenge your beliefs,  and disbeliefs too!

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